شركة Nyko تحل مشكلة قصر عمر بطارية جهاز الألعاب المحمول 3DS من خلال Power Pak+

أهم نقطه يجب عليك أن تفهمها وخاصة أذا كنت تعتزم أقتناء جهاز الألعاب المحمول نيتندو 3DS هو البطارية بغض النظر عن تقنية الأبعاد الثلاثيه ومشاكلها التي لاتنتهي ألا أن البطارية لاتستمر سوى 3 ساعات فقط وهذا سيء جدا بحكم أنه جهاز للألعاب المحمول وليس حاسب محمول . لكن اليوم قدمت Nyko والتي قدم بطاريات Power Pak+, والتي تعطي عمر أطول للبطارية ضعف ماسيعطيه لك بطاريات نيتندو وهذا سيء أيضا فنحن نريد أطول من ذالك .الشركة ستقدم لك الشاحن Charge Base والذي سيشحن الجهاز بـ 29.99 دولار أمريكي أما البطارية Power Pak+ والتي ستكلفك أيضا 19.99 دولار أمريكي كل هذا سيكون متوفر في 27 من شهر مارس.

البيان الصحفي بالداخل

Nyko Doubles the Juice with New Charge Base and Power Pak+ for Nintendo® 3DS

LOS ANGELES – March 8, 2011

Nyko Technologies today announced two new accessories set to debut with the launch of the new Nintendo® 3DS handheld system this March. On launch day Nyko will release the Power Pak+, a high capacity rechargeable battery pack for Nintendo 3DS that offers double the capacity and battery life of the original 3DS battery. One week later Nyko will release the newest Charge Base, designed to store your Nintendo 3DS and make sure it’s always fully juiced with easy drop-in charging.

“Every new console or game system launch is an opportunity for us to find ways to improve the user’s experience with the device through innovative technology,” said Chris Arbogast, director of marketing, Nyko Technologies. “We are proud to be able to bring our robust knowledge of charging technology to the 3DS user base by providing users the ability to substantially increase their play time.”

The Nyko Power Pak+ for Nintendo 3DS is a high-capacity rechargeable battery pack that offers double the battery life of the original 3DS battery. The Power Pak+ features debossed finger rests for improved control and comfort. The Power Pak+ will be available March 27 for $19.99.

The Nyko Charge Base for Nintendo 3DS is a drop-in charging and storage solution for the new handheld device. Each Charge Base includes a Power Pak+ rechargeable battery pack. The Charge Base features an on/off switch as well as LED indicator lights that let you know when your battery is charging and when it has finished. The Charge Base for Nintendo 3DS will be available shortly after the system’s launch for $29.99.

Both the Power Pak+ and the Charge Base utilize the standard 3DS AC adaptor for recharging.

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About Nyko Technologies, Inc.
Nyko Technologies ® develops, manufactures and markets innovative peripherals to enhance the digital lifestyle. The company’s mission is to deliver products that solve problems and improve user experience for work and play. Nyko specializes in interactive entertainment, computing, consumer electronics, portable audio, as well as online and wireless technologies. The company has distribution through major U.S. and Canadian retailers, along with distributors worldwide. Founded in 1995, Nyko is headquartered in Los Angeles, Calif. Please visit or call 1-888-444-6956 for more information.


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