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نظره على جهاز الألعاب المحمول Ocosmos OCS1 المزود بنظام ويندوز7

هاهي شركة Ocosmos تفي بوعدها وتحضر إلى مؤتمر CES لتكشف عن الجيل القادم من جهاز الألعاب المحمول OCS1U النسخه المحدثه عما رأيناه في العام الماضي والجديد هنا أنه يستخدم معالج Oak Trail بسرعة 1.5 جيجاهرتز والمزود بنظام ويندوز7 وتقول الشركة أن السعر سيكون منافس .

المزيد من المواصفات فالجهاز يدعم 802.11b/g/n وخيار لأضافة شبكات الجيل الثالث ويدعم Bluetooth 3.0 و GPS  والشاشه خمسه أنش تدعم تقنية اللمس المزدوج بدرجة وضوح 1024 في 600  وسعة الوسائط التخزينيه 32 أو 64 جيجابايت SSD مع منفذ للذاكره الخارجية microSD وهنالك منفذ USB و HDMI  ومستشعر للحركه وكاميرا أماميه 1.3 ميجابيكسل  والكاميرا الخلفيه 3 ميجابيكسل وأزرار التحكم موجوده من الجهه اليمنى واليسرى وهما معدلان بشكلا كامل حيث يمكنك اللعب بأزرار التحكم بينما الأخرى تقوم بمهام مستندات الأوفيس .هنالك أيضا الجهاز OCS1E والذي هو مجرد شاشه من دون أزرار وبنفس مواصفات أخيه  وهنالك مسند وجراب لأضافة أزرار تحكم حقيقيه ومن المتوقع أن يكون متوفر في نهاية العام أو في بدايات العام القادم .

البيان الصحفي بالداخل وفيديو

World’s Powerful Tiny Computer Unveiled at CES 2011

Unparalleled Mobile Gaming Device, based on Intel® Atom™ Processor, Developed by OCOSMOS
Brings PC-like Power to Handheld Devices

LAS VEGAS (January 7, 2011)-OCOSMOS Co., Ltd, a leading innovator and developer of consumer electronics and solutions, today unveiled one of the world’s smallest personal computer and gaming devices: the OCS1 Tiny Computer (TC), revolutionizing both business and gaming mobile PC markets.

The OCS1 is a family of Tablet PCs powered by Intel’s next generation Atom™ platform codenamed “Oak Trail”, running Windows 7, and capable of running the most demanding online PC games, MMORPG, 3D, productivity and social networking applications. It’s a handheld mobile device with the power of a PC. Its OMOS Key user interface enhances the ease and speed of tasks and games commonly performed on a laptop or desktop and its intuitive control mechanism is superior to multi-touch interfaces for playing games and browsing the Web.

The OCS1 is a powerful mobile device that enables PC-based games and applications, with its OMOS interface, 5.0-Inch TFT Capacitive touch screen, QWERTY keyboard, connectivity over Wi-Fi, WiMax, detachable HSDPA, Bluetooth, GPS, and USB 2.0 HS, powerful stereo sound, gyroscope, and full Internet browsing capability, making it ideal for running the most demanding hardcore and social networking games and communities.

“Ever seen a handheld that can run StarCraft II? You have now,” says Sean Holister, contributing editor for

“OCS1 is the world’s first TC that provides the same experience of playing online games as on a PC,” said Eu-jin Oh, President of OCOSMOS. “Users will love the TC’s capabilities, ease of use, power, and mobility.”

The OCS1 TC delivers a new platform of tiny PC technology that benefits both business users and the gaming public, and its unique OMOS Key interface overcomes the limitations of existing mobile devices with an innovative OMOS Key interface.

“The Intel Atom processor is designed to deliver high performance and ultra low power across a range of connected mobile devices,” said Rene Torres, director of marketing for Intel’s Notebook and Tablet Group. “The OCS1, developed by OCOSMOS, represents a good example of what is possible with Intel’s upcoming Oak Trail platform.”
The OCS1 specifications include:

* Intel Oak Trail platform
* Up to 64GB of solid-state storage
* Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity
* 5.0-Inch TFT Capacitive Multi-touch screen
* 1024 x 600 pixel resolution capacitive touch screen
* Front and rear cameras (1.3MP Webcam in front , 3.1MP camera in back)
* A microphone for video chat sessions
* Windows 7 OS
* OMOS Key Interface: useful as a mouse, and customizable for character input
* 1GB of RAM installed, upgradable to 2GB
* Right/Left keys on the device shoulder for gaming
* microSD Memory Card Expansion Slots
* Gyroscope/Accelerometer

“The TC is a revolution in mobile culture,” says OCOSMOS General Manager, Marketing, Jay-Hun Kim. “With its powerful Intel Atom processor, the OCS1 is positioned to win against other portable gaming consoles on the market, not to mention PCs, and users will find fast 2D and 3D image editing compelling”

The OCOSMOS OCS1 TC will be available in North America late in H1 2011, and will later be available in Korea and other global markets. OCOSMOS is planning to work with mobile operators, major online and offline distributors for the OCS1, and will collaborate with leading game developers to enhance existing games for the TC platform.

At CES 2011, the OCOSMOS team will demo the OCS1. OCOSMOS will exhibit and hold briefings at the Venetian Tower and at the South Hall Lower Level Booth 26533, as well as appear at ShowStoppers. Stop by the booth to learn more.

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