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شركة Dell تكشف عن كل ماتريده في حاسب واحد Inspiron One بشاشة 23 أنش والحاسب Zino HD

أعلنت شركة Dell اليوم عن حاسبين سيعيدان هذه الشركة إلى مقدمة الحاسبات المنزليه الترفيهيه لذالك لنرى من هما. أولا الحاسب Zino HD تحديث جديد لهذا الحاسب والذي حصل على معالج رباعي النواة Phenom II وهذا كفيل ليجعلك أن تستمتع بكل مايعنيه مصطلح HD  ولكن تذكر هذا النوع من الحاسبات يملك عدد هائل من الخيارات التي يمكنك أختيارها لدرجه أنه يمكنك أختيار معالج رسوميات منفصل ATI بسعة واحد جيجابايت ومحرك أقراص بلو راي وتيرا بايت للتخزين والسعر 299 دولار أمريكي ,جدا قوي هذا الحاسب وجدا مناسب بحكم أنه يعطيني كل ماأريده مقارنة بما هو موجود في الأسواق .


ننتقل إلى الحاسب الذي تقنيا بداخل الشاشة Inspiron One تعمل بتقنية اللمس والخيارات مشابهه لما ذكرناه قبل قليل فهنالك المعالج AMD Athlon II X4 ومعالج الرسوميات ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5450  ومحرك الأقراص البلو راي والسعه واحد تيرابايت  والشاشة طولها 23 أنش بدرجة وضوح عاليه وفي الحقيقه قدره هائلة وشاشة جميله جدا تمكنك من الأستمتاع بتقنية HD  .بالنسبة للسعر فهو سيبدأ من 799 دولار أمريكي وسيكون متوفر الأسابيع القادمه .

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البيان الصحفي بالداخل

Dell Redefines Home Entertainment with New Inspiron Family

• Inspiron One all-in-one desktop takes center stage keeping families organized and in touch with expansive full HD display
• Inspiron Zino HD delivers Dell’s best home theater capability in its smallest design

ROUND ROCK, Texas, Sept. 23, 2010 – Delivering on its promise to offer the best in next-generation entertainment, Dell has added to its award-winning Inspiron family a new Inspiron all-in-one desktop and a new Inspiron Zino HD offering the best home-theater capabilities in its class.

At the center of the new lineup is the Inspiron One, with features that set it apart from other all-in-one PCs including: a full HD 23-inch LED-backlit LCD; an optional quad-core processor that zips through web surfing, movie watching, family photo album creation, video chats and more. It has a host of audio/visual inputs that instantly transform the PC into a TV, perfect for student dorm rooms and family settings. And it also offers a new Dell-designed intuitive user interface called Stage, which delivers one-touch access to favorite content, like music, photos and videos, and applications.

Rounding out the refreshed Inspiron desktop family is the Inspiron Zino HD, the next-generation version of the award-winning system that sports a powerhouse entertainment experience in a compact design. The Inspiron Zino HD connects easily to big-screen high-definition TVs for an amazing family entertainment experience. With an optional remote control and wireless keyboard, viewers can surf the Internet from their living room couch, watch Blu-Ray DVDs or browse their music and photo libraries – all on the big screen. And its compact 8-inch-by-8-inch footprint fits unobtrusively anywhere.

Both the Inspiron One all-in-one and the Zino HD offer Dell’s hallmark fashion-forward, stylish designs and make perfect gifts for the upcoming holiday season.

Inspiron One: The All-In-One One-For-All
The Inspiron One is a sleek desktop featuring a full high-definition (1080p) widescreen color display, along with built-in Wi-Fi, webcam, DVD drive and HDMI interface for connecting to TV tuners, cable- and satellite boxes and gaming consoles. The available remote control makes it easy to stream video, watch high-definition TV or play video games on the computer’s big screen.

The space-saving design fits perfectly in tight places, whether it’s in a corner in the kitchen or on a desk in the home office, and even features a unique storage space under the display for the keyboard when not in use. The Energy Star 5-compliant Inspiron One is also environmentally friendly; its mercury–free WLED backlit display uses less power, while part of its external case is made from recycled plastics.

Dell Stage: The Perfect Keep-In-Touch Interface
To make using the Inspiron One even more fun and productive, Dell has created a special user interface called Stage, which lets families and students quickly access their favorite content as well as a collection of creative applications, including “Touch Instruments,” “You Paint,” “Sticky Notes” and “Touch Cam.”

Dell Stage presents instant access to collections of music, photos, videos, games and other applications. For instance:
• Touching the MusicStage tile reveals an individual’s personal music collection.
• The VideoStage organizes personal videos and downloaded TV shows and movies and gives people the ability to purchase or rent content directly from partners like CinemaNow in the United States.
• The PhotoStage includes integrated social networking capabilities through Facebook and Flickr so people can upload their latest photos or views pictures of their friends.

Inspiron Zino HD: Powerhouse Entertainment
The Inspiron Zino HD is a mini powerhouse entertainment PC, delivering awe-inspiring video and audio performance and is the perfect companion for High-Definition TV screens and home-theater setups. The Zino HD offers up to an AMD quad-core Phenom II processor that delivers an immersive high definition entertainment and gaming experience combined with optional 1GB discrete graphics; built-in networking and media card reader that provides instant access to digital images and videos; VGA and HDMI connections for displays and TVs; available THX 7.1 surround sound; optional Blu-ray Disc combo drive, and up to 1TB of hard disk storage.

With the available wireless keyboard and IR remote control, families can direct their TV viewing or Web surfing experience from across the room.

The Inspiron Zino HD looks great in standard black, but can be personalized with three optional lid colors. And like the Inspiron One, the Zino HD is simple and easy to set up.

“The PC is at the hub of the family experience, and the new Inspiron One and Zino HD demonstrate how we are rapidly redefining the role of the desktop in the home,” said Michael Tatelman, Dell vice president and general manager, Dell consumer sales and marketing. “The innovative all-in-one and ultra small desktops fit anywhere in the home and deliver the unrivaled entertainment that families and students have told us they want.”

Pricing & Availability
The Inspiron One is available this weekend exclusively in select retail outlets, starting at $799. Additional configurations will be available on Dell.com later this year. The Inspiron Zino HD is available immediately on www.dell.com starting at $299 and select configurations will be available in select retail outlets this weekend. For a complete list of technical features, please visit www.dell.com/inspiron.

Dell leads the industry in delivering a great shopping experience, featuring an online concierge shopping service that ensures you get exactly what you want: the latest technology designed for your needs. Dell is committed to delivering reliable products that you can count on, with access to immediate and reliable support anytime, anywhere you need it.

About Dell
Dell (NASDAQ: DELL) listens to its customers and uses that insight to make technology simpler and create innovative solutions that simplify daily activities and help people stay, entertained, connected and in touch. Learn more at www.dell.com.



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