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البدأ بشحن الهاتف المحمول Nokia N8

من قام بالطلب المسبق للهاتف المحمول N8 فيسعدني أخباركم أن نوكيا بدأت بشحن هاتفها مباشرة قد لايكون الهاتف الذي يجعلك تتخلى عن الأندرويد أو الآيفون أو البلاك بيري ولكن على الأقل ستملك الهاتف الأول المزود بنظام Symbian^3 والذي يملك عدة مواصفات مميزه منها كاميرة الهاتف ومنفذ HDMI  والمزيد من المواصفات.الآن لنضبط الوقت هنا ولنرى متى سيكون متوفر.


البيان الصحفي بالداخل

Nokia N8 shipments have started

Espoo, Finland -Nokia’s latest entertainment smartphone, the highly anticipated Nokia N8 with Ovi services, has started shipping. Customers who have placed a pre-order for the Nokia N8 in Nokia Online Shops and Nokia retail stores will be the first to receive their Nokia N8. Market availability will vary by country and by operator, with broad availability in the coming weeks.

“With the N8, and the new Symbian software, we are bringing a familiar, faster and more intuitive user experience to the world’s most popular smartphone platform. The Nokia N8 has received the highest amount of consumer pre-orders in Nokia history and we are thrilled to start shipments of the N8, the first of Nokia’s new Symbian smartphone range,” says Jo Harlow, Senior Vice President, Smartphones, Nokia.

“To appeal to today’s high-end buyers, smartphones have to be enjoyable, useful and beautiful. Ease of use, excellent multimedia performance and elegant design are all essential elements of the package,” says John Delaney, Research Director, IDC.

The first of a series of smartphones based on the new Symbian, the Nokia N8 is fast and easy to use and supports true multitasking, allowing users to run multiple apps simultaneously and switch between them easily. Dubbed the world’s best camera phone, the Nokia N8 lets you take the highest quality photos and shoot HD-quality videos in supreme clarity with the 12MP camera with Carl Zeiss optics. You can edit photos and videos on-screen and choose from multiple ways to share them; transfer large files to an external hard-drive with USB-on-the-go, or upload photos to social networks like Facebook, Twitter or RenRen straight from the homescreen. All this is delivered in a robust aluminum body in a range of vibrant colors with a real-glass 3.5″ AMOLED display.

The Nokia N8 has a black belt in entertainment. Its WebTV apps from channels like E! Entertainment, National Geographic and CNN and the intuitive music player inject an element of fun into idle moments. Plug the device to the home entertainment center to watch HD-quality videos from the big screen with full Dolby Digital Plus Surround Sound. The latest version of Ovi Store, available first on the Nokia N8, gives easy access to more apps – from social networking services like Foursquare to games like Need for Speed Shift or productivity apps like Tesco in the UK.

Like other Nokia smartphones, the Nokia N8 comes with free Ovi Maps walk & drive navigation in more than 70 countries worldwide, with no hidden costs. The latest beta release of Ovi Maps is also available for download from Nokia Beta Labs for the Nokia N8. It features visibility to public transport in 85 cities around the world, as well as real-time traffic, safety camera alerts, visibility to parking and petrol stations, and speed limit warnings.

About Nokia
At Nokia, we are committed to connecting people. We combine advanced technology with personalized services that enable people to stay close to what matters to them. Every day, more than 1.3 billion people connect to one another with a Nokia device – from mobile phones to advanced smartphones and high-performance mobile computers. Today, Nokia is integrating its devices with innovative services through Ovi (www.ovi.com), including music, maps, apps, email and more. Nokia’s NAVTEQ is a leader in comprehensive digital mapping and navigation services, while Nokia Siemens Networks provides equipment, services and solutions for communications networks globally


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  1. للاسف الشديد
    انا ممن جرب الهاتف منذ شهر تقريبا بنسخة تحمل الاسم نفسه ونسخة عليها برنامج n8 وتحمل الاسم c00
    Property نوكيا وغير مخصص للبيع
    عن طريق احد المعارف الذي قام بتامين الجهازين
    الا ان النتائج كانت مخيبة للامال مقارنة مع هاتف الاي فون
    لا شيء مميز بالجهاز سوى الكاميرا وتكبير للصور بستخام اليد مثل الاي فون
    ولا يوجد اختلاف ملموس بين Symbian^3 والاقدم منه
    نصيحة للذي لا يبحث عن كميرة مميزة بالهاتف ان يضع سعر الجهاز بجهاز اكثر اثارة ومتعة

  2. ننتظر الجهاز على أحر من الجمر
    وخصوصاً بعد نزول أيفون 4 في الأردن رسمياً وسعره بكلفك أكثر من سيارة

  3. رغم انني لم اقتني سوى نوكيا وسوني اريكسون الا انني اجده من اقوى الجوالات التي نزلت السوق حتى الآن

  4. كمواصفات رائع و مع التأخير الشديد من Nokia أعتقد انه
    يستحق كل هذا الإنتظار و خصوصا انه أول جهاز Symbian^3

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